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Buzzy Bud and the Gift of Everything

An Uplifting Children's Book For All Ages by J. I. Starnes

Buzzy Bud and the Gift of Everything is recommended for parents, educators, and counselors to share with children between the ages of 7 through 15. This adventure-filled book is a wonderful teaching tool for many areas. It deals with diversity issues, bullying concerns, and those who have special needs.

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My story is about a 12-year-old boy who believes he would find true happiness if he had the gift of everything. His human and animal friends believe they know the secret in discovering the gift of everything — simply host a party and someone will bring it. This children's book is engaging and educational for both kids and adults.

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After teaching in Portland, Oregon, and several different countries for multiple decades, I wanted to continue educating young people. I believe by writing books, I could reach a greater audience of students. There is always a theme to my books, usually with fun games included.

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Buzzy Bud and the Gift of Everything
 also contains an informative parents' page and educators' page. These pages delve into what it takes to help children read and how to make the learning process fun. It's important to realize every child is a reader even before they pick up a book and start interpreting the printed word.

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"I bought this book and found it to be an excellent read. I would recommend the book to people of all ages. Did everyone find the informational facts that were written in dark bold print informative?"

Buzzy Bud and the Gift of Everything

"Good book for people of all ages, would recommend to anyone looking for a good read. I'm glad that it brought up the topic of disabilities and gave readers a different understanding
of them."

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