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Information for Parents

Kids that are late readers will often catch up if you remain supportive. Parents, do not panic! Brainstorm with your child's teacher, ask to meet with a reading specialist, and discuss different reading strategies to support improvement. Do not wait until third grade to investigate reading struggles. Have your student tested at the first sign of trouble. Be adamant with your request! When learning with your child, make it enjoyable.

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Suggestions Before Your Child Begins to Read

Teach your child to create stories. You can begin by saying, "Once there was a little boy who had a very unusual pet" from an adult-directed experience. Next, allow your child to continue the story in his or her own way from a child-directed story.

When your child stops speaking, add on to the story immediately and continue to take turns. Remember, make this learning opportunity enjoyable. The next day, sit with your son or daughter and draw a picture of the story you created the previous day.

Information for Educators

I'm an advocate for all types of education and a firm believer that not all settings work for every learner. Public, private, or home schooling education could be the answer to a student's needs. It is important for all learners to receive high-quality teaching that focuses on academic excellence, creative problem-solving, and social-emotional learning.

I also believe that when teachers are allowed to collaborate, you will see teacher productivity and student learning increase greatly. Therefore, my book addresses critical thinking, information literacy, and collaboration.