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Buzzy Bud and the Gift of Everything

About J. I. Starnes

Born in Portland, I taught middle school and high school in Oregon for a number of years before traveling abroad. I went to Iceland, Germany, and the United Kingdom to teach in the DoDEA (Department of Defense Education Activity) school system for more than 30 years. In 2013, I was honored to receive the award for Teacher of the Year from Isles District in England.

About My Books

My first book, Buzzy Bud and the Gift of Everything, was published in January of 2015. Within 2016, I plan to publish at least three more books at different reading levels with the intent of winning national and international book awards. My second book for the lower grade levels is written in Kids Speak this book is titled Buzzy Bud. Additionally, I donate books to a children's hospital every year, work with schools during their book fairs, and perform a great deal of charity work.

Reading Philosophy

Before I share my philosophy on reading, I want to state that I am not a reading specialist, and I have not completed any special certifications in reading. I believe that most children have the potential to become proficient readers. I began developing my child's reading skills as soon as she could form sentences. I was mindful to include exciting and fun activities. I am a firm believer that early literacy promotes school success.

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