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Buzzy Bud and the Gift of Everything

Book Summary

Buzzy Bud has a few challenges that he feels are unfair. Having to wear glasses is the worst thing possible. Even though most of his animal friends wear many different mathematical-shaped glasses, as well, he does not think he needs them or a hearing aid. Who wears a hearing aid at the age 12? Let's not forget him lacking a sense of direction, too. Even simple commands such as left or right are quite confusing for him. Buzzy Bud's human and animal friends suggest having a party to see if someone brings the gift of everything.

Ready for Story Time

After a meeting discussing party arrangements with Dolphina, the small whale, Humming Bird is on her way home and stops for a bite to eat. She is spotted by the night creatures, and while trying to escape, becomes trapped in a cave. As she moves deeper and deeper in the cave to escape the creatures, she falls off the ledge and drifts into "The Enclave of Extraordinaire".

The Beings, as they are called in the Enclave, are quite frightening to Humming Bird initially, but within a very short period of time, the cautious gap is closed and trust is built between the bird and the Beings. Soon, they ban together to fight the unforeseen challenges they must overcome in order to complete their destiny.

Buzzy Bud and his friends are missing Humming Bird, so they decide to search together in locating their lost friend. While searching for Humming Bird, Buzzy Bud, PL, Snuffle Kie, and King Asad come upon Ms. Pearl, the squirrel who informs the group she saw a humming bird enter a cave. Meanwhile, Dolphina is enjoying a day on the beach with friends. However, this day ends on a sad note for the sandpipers, as it appears.

Many exciting things are happening in the fantasy world of "The Enclave of Extraordinaire". Humming Bird continues to learn many things of the spirit in this world. She is able to experience the beautiful and unbelievable underwater world with the Beings' leaders: Elan, Elelence, and Eke.

When the Enclave is invaded by mysterious, frightening, and monstrous-looking night creatures, readers must ask themselves if teamwork is enough to save everyone. When everyone gathers on the beach, will the announcements include good news? Will Humming Bird be found safe? What happens to the baby sandpiper? And who brings "The Gift of Everything"?

Book Design & Ordering Details

This inspirational children's book is glossy, with beautiful illustrations and colored backgrounds. Each copy is printed on-demand, so your order is received in less than one week. Based in Portland, Oregon, JIStarnesBook.com offers paperback and Kindle versions. Local residents can also visit Barnes & Noble™ in the Lloyd Center to purchase it new for $16.